How Much Do Top Publishers Charge for Open Access?

Author: Beata Socha
Published Online: 2017-04-20

As Open Access is making ever increasing waves in the academic publishing business, top publishers are determined not to lose their bearing.


The big four players in the publishing industry, e.g., Elsevier, Springer, Wiley and Taylor & Francis, have all embraced Open Access (OA), albeit to varying degrees. They have also employed highly different strategies as to how much they would like to charge their authors. If one is an author looking for a venue to publish his or her research in Open Access, it could be useful to know what the publishing market has to offer and what range of prices exists. […]

Elsevier and Springer have been making strides in the world of Open Access. Each of them has a sizable portfolio of OA journals. Elsevier has around 500 titles, Springer a little over 530, more than half of which were incorporated into their portfolio through the acquisition of BioMed Central in 2008. For both of these market leaders, OA journals make for nearly 20% of their entire portfolios. […]

Germany-based De Gruyter, which also has a sizable Open Access portfolio, has a remarkably uniform pricing structure. For its own journals, it charges three rates: €1,500 for Medical and Life Sciences journals, €500 for Humanities and €1,000 for remaining disciplines.

By Beata Socha

The full-length original blog article and additional resources can be found at OpenScience blog.

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