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Special Issue on the Future Materials 2020

The journal Open Material Sciences invites submissions for its topical issue entitled “Future Materials 2020,” as part of the Materials Science & Nanotechnology Conference – February 26-28 2020, Lisbon, Portugal. The honored speakers of the meeting are Prof. Ada E. Yonath (Nobel Laureate 2009) and Prof. Michael Kosterlitz (Nobel Laureate 2016). This special issues also has the involvement of the following journals: Open Chemistry, e-Polymers, Reviews on Advanced Materials Science and High Temperature Materials and Processes.


Leonard Deepak Francis, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal
Begoña Espiña
, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal


Committee Members invite participants from across the globe to join in this annual flagship conference on Materials Science and Nanotechnology.

Future Materials 2020 is comprised of various sessions designed to offer comprehensive symposiums that address current issues in the field of Materials Science and provides a fantastic opportunity to network with your peers from academia and industrialists which includes professors, researchers, Materials Scientists, Materials Engineers, and Students.

The conference also provides an opportunity to meet Prof. Ada E. Yonath (Nobel Laureate 2009) and Prof. Michael Kosterlitz (Nobel Laureate 2016).


The deadline for manuscript submission would be by 25th of March, 2020.

For further details and submission process of the article please mail us at

Edited by Pablo Markin

Featured Image Credits: Ecomaterials Innovation Lab, Boston, MA, USA, July 20, 2010 | © Courtesy of John Santerre/PopTech/Flickr.

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