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De Gruyter and Kinokuniya Enter Exclusive Ebook Partnership for Japan

De Gruyter has appointed Books Kinokuniya as its exclusive distributor for ebooks in Japan, building on De Gruyter’s and Kinokuniya’s decades-long successful cooperation in providing content to Japanese institutions.

A Blog Post by Eric Merkel-Sobotta.

With immediate effect, Books Kinokuniya, the renowned Japanese book distributor founded in 1927 and headquartered in Tokyo, will promote and distribute the De Gruyter ebook portfolio in Japan for the next three years, with an auto renewal option for an additional period of three years. Japanese universities, colleges, schools, governmental institutions and libraries can now source De Gruyter ebooks with rapidity and convenience through Kinokuniya.

In this regard, Tony Ng, De Gruyter’s Sales Director for Asia Pacific, has added that “[t]he market for ebooks in Japan is growing and through Kinokuniya’s extensive network of sales people […] [De Gruyter is] confident to make it much easier for Japanese institutions to access and take advantage of […] [its] wide range of content including Partner Publishers. This agreement will further bolster […] [De Gruyter’s] efforts to make […] [its] publications easily available to scholars and researchers in Japan.”

Keijiro Mori, Vice President of Kinokuniya and responsible for Import and Distribution as well as International Business Development, has also expressed its pride on becoming “the first Japanese bookstore appointed as an exclusive distributor of a major international academic publisher’s eBook service. De Gruyter is one of the world’s leading academic publishers, with high-quality content covering a wide range of academic fields.  Kinokuniya is currently expanding its eBook portfolio to accommodate […] [its] customers’ growing demand, and […] excited to have De Gruyter’s ebooks as a central part of it.”

Written by Eric Merkel-Sobotta

Edited by Pablo Markin

Featured Image Credits: Kinokuniya Books, September 19, 2009 | © Courtesy of Hong/Flickr.

This post is based on a press release that originally appeared in, 20/11/2019,

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