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The Output and Impact Factor Performance of Open Access Journal Portfolio of De Gruyter between 2014 and 2018

As output and performance data concerning De Gruyter’s Open Access journals for recent years suggest, launching journals as Open Access titles increasingly serves as significant precondition for attaining high levels of impact factor performance.

A Blog Article by Pablo Markin.

According to Scopus database information, in 2014 De Gruyter Open, an erstwhile Open Access imprint of De Gruyter, had only 47 Open Access journals in its portfolio with a cumulative total of documents published in the preceding three years of 3,756 articles. For this year, SCImago database lists 90 Open Access journals, which includes 45 De Gruyter Open titles. This largely corresponds to the information of Scopus. Out of the current Open Access journal list of De Gruyter, 23 items were accumulated in 2014.

In 2015 the Open Access journal portfolio of De Gruyter has reached the title count of 71 journals, while reflecting portfolio growth of 51% for this journal group. According to SCImago data, in 2015 De Gruyter has 97 Open Access titles in its portfolio, out of which 47 titles were published by De Gruyter Open.

In step with its overall growth, the Open Access journal portfolio has demonstrated a growing output of 4,759 in the preceding three years, an increase of 26% as compared to the figure for 2014. In 2016, according to Scopus data, De Gruyter has published 154 Open Access journals. Similarly, according to SCImago data, in 2016 in its Open Access portfolio De Gruyter has held 114 journals, including 61 De Gruyter Open titles.

In 2017, as Scopus data indicate, De Gruyter has published 214 Open Access journals. Likewise, according to SCImago data, in 2017 De Gruyter’s portfolio included 121 Open Access journals, which comprised 67 De Gruyter Open titles.

As compared to 2014, in 2018 the cumulative output of Open Access journals for the three preceding years (2017-2015), as recorded by Scopus, has grown more than three times, while attaining the sum of 12,096 articles. As SCImago data indicates, in 2018 De Gruyter has published 124 Open Access journals in total, which includes 69 legacy De Gruyter Open titles.

This corresponds to the information form the Scopus database, according to which in 2018 De Gruyter had 82 Open Access journals in its portfolio. For the years 2019-2020, De Gruyter is slated to add 18 items to its Open Access portfolio.

This growth dynamics also translates into impact factor (IF) performance levels, as from 2017 and 2018, whether a journal was launched as an Open Access title has started to make a significant positive difference for IF levels. From 2018, the Open Access journals with high levels of papers published have also tended to exhibit high IF levels as well.

However, the performance profiles of Open Access journals in the domains of humanities and social sciences as opposed to those in the areas of sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics can be expected to remain significantly different, such as because of differences in their output levels.

By Pablo Markin

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