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Adams House, Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA, May 31, 2008 | © Courtesy of Paul Lowry.

Recent Findings Indicate Multiple Models for Flipping Scientific Journals into Various Open Access Forms Exist

Author: Pablo Markin Published Online: 2017-11-08 URL: http://openscience.com/recent-findings-indicate-that-multiple-models-for-flipping-scientific-journals-into-various-forms-of-open-access-exist/ Though converting scholarly journals into Open Access continues to involve financial uncertainty, a Harvard-funded report shows that thousands of journals have flipped into Open Access in recent years through...

MIT+150: FAST (Festival of Art + Science + Technology): FAST LIGHT — Man studying alone on his Macbook at the library, May 8, 2011 | © Chris Devers.

How Much Do Top Publishers Charge for Open Access?

Author: Beata Socha Published Online: 2017-04-20 URL: http://openscience.com/how-much-do-top-publishers-charge-for-open-access/ As Open Access is making ever increasing waves in the academic publishing business, top publishers are determined not to lose their bearing. Excerpt The big four players...